LiveChat Integration

Connect LiveChat with MiniCRM so conversations with clients will be recorded automatically in MiniCRM.

What is LiveChat integration for?

You can start a conversation with visitors on your website in a chat window that appears automatically. By using the integration, LiveChat conversations with your clients and leads will be recorded on a card that is added automatically to MiniCRM.

Steps of Connection

  1. Go to the [Forms] page and click on the [New form] > [New LiveChat manager] option. You can set a target status, add fields and choose a confirmation email template that will be sent after the conversation ended and a new card was added to MiniCRM. live-chat-integracio-03
  2. Create a LiveChat account:

  3. To perform integration settings (Settings > Integrations > Webhooks), click on the following link:

  4. Click on the +Add a webhook link.

  5. In the Event field, check chat ends.

  6. In the Data type field, check all options. live-chat-integracio-04

  7. Copy the Webhook url from MiniCRM and insert it into the Target url field. Finally, click on [Add a webhook]. live-chat-integracio-05